Where are the trees Planted?

We donate the trees to areas where arborists have access to them in the future. These places include schools, retirement homes and any Australian who would like a tree for there backyard. The trees will be donated within the state they were purchased from. 

How does arborists Replanting give back?

We donate 20% of our profits to bringing big trees back to life that are in decline through soil injections.

The remaining profits go towards administration, delivery and marketing to grow our business, trying to get more arborists involved.  

Can my clients have the trees I donate?

Yes, if they get in contact with us we will arrange the trees to be delivered to their property or picked up from one of our nurseries. Shipping fees may apply depending on location.

Do arborists get recognised for their donations?

YES! Each tree donated to us will be sent out with a label saying who it has come from. Plus, coming soon, we have a leaderboard which will have our top donating arborist and a register of arborists who donate so new clients can search for arborists near them who are giving back to the environment.

How do I start donating?

Click on Donate Trees in the top menu and it will take you to our payment page. You have the option to make a one off tree donation or reoccurring tree donations. 

No longer wanting to donate?

We’ll be sad to see you go! Login to your account and click on cancel reoccurring payments and you will no longer be donating trees with us. 

Can I donate If i don't live in australia?

Yes of course! But please get in contact with us at: info@arboristsreplanting.com we will try and organise the trees to be donated in your country. Our big dream is to become worldwide! 

WHAT Species of TREES are donated?

We donate both native and exotic trees. The tree species are chosen by our arborist, Zac. If you have a particular species you would like to donate then please write it in the notes on checkout and we will do our best to source these trees for you.


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