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Our Story

The idea of Arborists Replanting started when Zac and Tarryn moved from busy Melbourne to a small beach town, Kiama, New South Wales.

Zac had worked for the past 12 years as a qualified arborist, subcontracting to other companies. He loved being an arborist but he didn’t  like working for companies that removed big healthy trees for superficial reasons, so he started his own tree company, Kiama Tree Care. 

With Kiama Tree Care taking off, it was then, Tarryn thought it would be a great idea if Zac planted a tree for every removal he did. Not only would it be a great way to advertise his new company but he would be able to give trees back to the environment.

Zac loved the idea but he wanted to take it a step further. He wanted every arborist to get involved and donate trees. This idea lit a flame in Tarryn, and Arborists Replanting was born. 

Arborists Replanting is catered to arborists. They aren’t your usual tree planting business. They ensure all of the trees donated are planted in areas where arborists have access to in the future. Bringing more work to arborists in the future. 

Our Mission & Approach


We have two missions at Arborists Replanting: 

The first is to improve our environment and combat climate change by giving the trees back to the Urban Forest.

We believe removing trees should be a last resort for arborists. Retaining existing trees is the best thing for the environment because the larger the tree the more benefits it provides. But, when a tree needs to be removed, we want to help arborists put them back!

The second is to help arborists: 

  • Build their reputation: by donating trees within their local community and allowing these companies to stand out as a more environmentally conscious tree company.
  • Peace of mind: We know arborists are just trying to keep their customers happy but sometimes it takes a toll doing big tree removals. We give arborists an easy way to give back to the environment and feel good about it.


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Ph: 0411-822-104

Monday-Saturday: 8am – 6pm