Ready to give back to YOUR community & Environment?

Click – buy trees now – for pricing. We make it easy for arborists to give back with reoccuring payment options. Once you’ve purchased your trees, sit back and we’ll deliver them within your local community.

Our Mission:


Is to get more trees planted in the Urban Forest of Australia.


If you’re an arborist that puts nature first, retains trees wherever possible and does high- quality pruning work – We want to give you peace of mind for the removals you’ve done and help promote you or your company.


 We ask arborists to buy trees from us, which we give out for free to schools, farms, clients or residents within their local community. Each tree has a tag acknowledging who it was donated by.


 This helps arborists give back to the environment, advertise their companies and get future work!


Benefits of Arborists BUYING trees FROM US

Not only have we got a list of benefits… We ran a survey asking the Australian population what they thought about arborists donating trees. This is what you will get if you start donating trees with us:

Giving Back To Your Community & Environment

Not only are you making your local residents happy by donating free trees to them, you’re significantly improving our environment. A matured tree can: filter 27kg of pollutants from the air, absorb 3,400 litres of stormwater and can provide a cooling effect equivalent to running 10 air-conditioners continuously.


Tax Deduction

The trees you purchase from us can be claimed as a tax deduction if they are used to advertise your company. Each tree comes with a tag acknowledging who it was donated by and we deliver these trees within your local community in hopes to get you future work and grow your reputation. Check with your accountant.

Grow Your Reputation Fast

80% of Aussies said if an arborist company was donating trees back to the planet it would give them a higher reputation.

Marketing & Advertising

Every tree you donate will have a tag acknowledging who it was donated by. We try our best to have these trees delivered within your surrounding suburbs, therefore the residents that receive these trees are 90% more likely to call you for a quote or recommend you to a friend!

Get More Clients

90% of Aussies said they would be more likely to choose an arborist company that donates trees back to the environment over ones that don’t.

Clients Will Pay More

80% of Aussies said they’d pay more to an arborist who was giving trees back to the environment. For example: if they had two quotes and one was a little more expensive, they’d chose the arborist who was donating trees.

How It Works:

It’s really simple. You choose how many trees you would like to donate, with the option to pay weekly, fortnightly monthly or do a one off donation. That’s it. We do the rest.

Once we’ve received your payment, we find great places for your trees to go, within your local community. Whether it be schools, retirement homes, wineries, venues or your clients. 

We deliver 2 trees per venue. (E.g. If you’ve purchased 4 trees: 2 will go to a school and 2 will go to a retirement home.)

The trees are in 25L pots and are usually 6ft in height (depending on the species). They are $85 each including delivery.

The people receiving the trees are allowed to choose what species they want, depending on availability. We have delivered Chinese Elm, Silver Birch, Maple, Magnolia,  Eucalyptus, Fig, Rhododendron, Oak, Crepe Myrtle, flowering gums, Fruit Trees – just to name a few!

We operate Australia Wide!


“Stoked with it”

“I’ve been supporting Arborists Replanting for nearly a year now. I’ve always wanted to plant trees but it never happened. Arborists Replanting allows me to be a part of tree planting in my local area, all I have to do is pay – the rest is organised. Tarryn picks local schools, wineries, etc to receive my trees which is excellent advertising. Stoked with it.”

Master Tree Care – Adelaide

“It’s a tax write off & it’s easy”

“All arborists should be doing this. We remove trees and we should replace them. It’s a tax write off and it’s easy. After my donation was set up, I don’t do anything the money just comes out of my account every month.” 

Go2 Tree Care – Batemans Bay 

“Great way to get our name out”

“Just started a tree company in Mullumbimby and it’s been a great way to get our name out and build our reputation. We have gotten some great jobs out of it.”

Mullumbimby Tree Care

“It’s nice to give back”

“I do a weekly donation which comes out of my account. I like having the option of giving the trees to my current clients. It’s nice to give back to the environment.”

Kiama Tree Care




Where are the trees DONATED?

We donate the trees to areas where arborists have access to them in the future. These places include schools, retirement homes and any Australian who would like a tree for there backyard. The trees will be donated within the state they were purchased from. 

Can I pick up the trees myself and take them to my Client?

YES! We purchase the trees from a wholesale nursery near your location. Give us a call or email us and you can pick the trees up yourself.  

Can my clients have the trees I PURCHASE?

Yes, if they get in contact with us we will arrange the trees to be delivered to their property. Shipping fees may apply depending on location.

Do arborists get recognised for their donations?

YES! Each tree donated to us will be sent out with a label saying who it has come from. Plus, coming soon, we have a leaderboard which will have our top donating arborist and a register of arborists who donate so new clients can search for arborists near them who are giving back to the environment.


Click on a buy trees now button and it will take you to our payment page. You have the option to make one off or reoccurring payments. 


We’ll be sad to see you go! Login to your account and click on cancel reoccurring payments and you will no longer be donating trees with us. 

Can I BUY TREES If i don't live in australia?

Yes of course! But please get in contact with us at: we will try and organise the trees to be donated in your country. Our big dream is to become worldwide! 

WHat Type of trees DO WE PURCHASE?

We donate both native and exotic trees. The tree species are chosen by our own arborists. If you have a particular species you would like to donate then please write it in the notes on checkout and we will do our best to source these trees.


Contact Us

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